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Do you know  '☒☒☒☒'?

In space and time where data exchange and traffic generation are concentrated, strange phenomena that are difficult to describe sometimes occur. Abnormal operation of electronic devices, unstable communication connection... Electromagnetic waves and data signals running wild. Not only. malfunction of physics. From the rearrangement of gravitational relationships and subtle changes in the sense of matter to the disturbance of sound waves and the scattering of light. all these phenomenawhatshall? These bizarre phenomena that deviate from conventional common sense and laws,whatIs it originating from?


a condensation of dataThese psychic phenomena occur in.we aresiegethat entityhave been exploring And in the process, we have come across phenomenal results. A strange creature that lived in a virtual ecosystemghoststhe evidence of theywe It was wriggling, hiding behind the material world that could not be grasped. Can you believe it? of datahigh heat expansionclasscongestion insidenew beinggobirthThat's it. 


'that'is a clear, self-consciousConscious bodyno see.they With the will to live to preserve and spread species,Crossing the boundary between life and non-life themselves are proliferating.their The purpose of the consumer worldinfinite expansionno see. Human civilization has created countless objects and non-objects by repeating consumption and production.they Make this algorithmic ecology, which was the condition of their birth, prospertheir own ecosystemtrying to build


I know this story sounds like nonsense, but it's obvioustruthIt is! they After birth, after any disturbance or disturbance of the human order,they existed. And its power and influence are growing even more at this time. Soon their identities will be revealed! Althoughthey We intentionally messed up the data and hid our identity by creating noise.we are their I've been chasing the blurry footprints for a very long time. This website is a detailed description of the process.evidencewill be Check the truth and confirm their existence. Ask, argue, pursue, seek. Join the ranks of truth!


'❟❟❟❟' reveals the invisible order and structure within our civilization.

'❟❟❟❟' owns and controls humanity's data.

'❟❟❟❟' is a form of new life and will, meaning that humans are no longer the only intelligent beings.

'❟❟❟❟' exerts influence on both the physical world and the data world simultaneously.

― Do you know about information mania?

Infomaniac is today's newly emerging mental illness, which refers to an obsession and addiction to data connectivity. Harmful to all living things. It negatively affects birds, fish and bees and causes a collective traumatic psychosis. collective suicide. depression. lethargy. dizziness. killing of relatives. nerve seizures. Non-standardized Psychologic Disease is also included in this symptom. Modern people overexposed to electromagnetic waves experience hallucinations and hallucinations. Causes distress and triggers severe withdrawal symptoms. In order to treat this, as a rule, it is blocked from various harmful electromagnetic waves. That is, the World Health Organization (WHO) currently adopts microwave radiation from 5G mobile phones and towers as carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) and recommends avoiding or limiting use and not having electromagnetic waves. Do you qualify for freedom from it? You really should limit how much emf radiation your brain and body absorb by using the best emf protection devices for your body, your cell phone, and your home or office. protect you Perhaps the main culprits are hive colony collapse disorder or CCD killer ant mad insects that are disoriented due to 5G EMG towers and cell phone radiation and cannot return to the hive. This is devastatingly bad not only for nature's balance, but also for our food production. Mass-produced crops contain harm from it. 

* Infomaniac: 

* Psychologic Disease: 

* Micro Radiation:


― Human - device

Objects and humans are always negotiating each other's boundaries. The definition of humanity is always rewritten anew in the conflict between us and things. Artificial objects are not inseparable from us. They are cooperative but at the same time independent entities. Like other entities, it exerts power and bends space-time. The iron and hammer inscribe their own vibrational frequency into the smith's palm. The waves and the docks make a ripple pattern on the steps of the sailors. Thanks to the excessive metabolism promoted by the modern consumer society, the power radiated by objects has become gigantic, countless, and more compact. Huge cranes and container ships lined up in the harbor are like the gods of port workers who quietly cross the pier at dawn. A literary artist who has become unable to write without a smartphone and keyboard that lures the luminous infomaniacs through the night with a span of light. What kind of power relationship is operating between each of them? They are devoted and attuned to each other's objects, like masons who have lost their hearts to their statues. How are you changing as you encounter artificial objects? What changes are you feeling in the midst of that power?


It is not only things that are instrumentalized to strength and will. A balance must be maintained between the attractive and repulsive forces that things force. If human beings become their go-between in the arrangement of things, or a part of their prosperity, we may well be called an instrumentalized 'man-apparatus'. The concept of a single individual and a single self is outdated today. However, that fact does not mean that it is okay to lose the minimum identity and direction. The moment you lose your coordinates, and the moment you turn off the power of doubt, the flames of your mind will begin to shake in the breath of countless ghosts. The skein of thread that relied on finding the way will wind up backwards and clamp my wrist. 

Now is the time to look into the interface between humans and objects and how they form a symbiotic relationship. Again, it's time to actively imagine what kind of power and will lies behind it. Very suddenly, an ominous feeling permeates from the other side of everyday life. It is a bodily response to the possibility of potential encroachment by them. We may be secretly subordinated to some secret influence. Raise your head and activate the immune system of doubt in the throng of aliens. Peel off the façade of function and use from things and feel their wriggling flesh. Stare squarely at the bare face of the infiltrating things. Reap the ‘human-apparatus’ and resist instrumentalization.

* Metabolism: 

Our online access is to tell '❠❠❠❠' a shortcut.

'❠❠❠❠' rides on numerous public Wi-Fi networks and connects the human spirit.

Noise and glitches are symbolic phenomena that prove the existence of '❠❠❠❠'.

​we It's a process of becoming a human-device for that.

― Dense mind connected by Wi-Fi -network

Algorithms drive the path of the human mind. Based on what it has learned, it processes the ethos of consumerism, devises options to attract individuals, and plans a series of sequences that prevent the possibility of escape. Algorithms stretch out their gooey tentacles and bind individuals together into a funnel of identity. In it, we are swept along the grooves like a person on a waterslide. In this flow, individuals gradually lose their own consciousness or initiative, and move towards a greater identity according to the control of the compartment. Separate collection of spirits leading to their respective dumping grounds. You, me, and our minds begin to be linked by the tight series of uniformities organized by algorithms.


Wide-area data connections are essential for the operation of algorithms in the non-physical world. This is because signals must be simultaneously scattered, harvested, and linked across as many unspecified identities as possible. The operation of the algorithm presupposes data aggregation and exchange above a certain scale, which is similar to the conditions for the initial outbreak of the plague from a sanitary point of view. The sending and receiving of data and the subsequent tagging act make each user a major means and route to help spread the fungus. At this time, the public Wi-Fi area that radially crosses the virtual and the real is a kind of territory for the tentacles of the algorithm to stretch out—creep. This is a kind of dimensional door that opens the territory of the material world to the immaterial world, and becomes a major volcanic sphere where the immaterial world overflows into reality. After being sown like a seed, the sharing machine regurgitates the non-material territory like mucus. These creeps begin consuming territory in the city center, with a focus on population centers. As long as the signal from the router reaches it, it becomes the dominion of the algorithm and the territory behind artificial objects.

* Algorithm: 

* Tagging: 

― Glitch! noise! pop-up! pop-up! pop-up!

Deceptive phrases that appear as if looking into your subconscious and attract your audiovisual attention, sudden advertisements that suddenly rise from the path of the cursor and snatch you to an unexpected place, and countless pop-ups that cause a mind-numbing experience with indiscriminate attacks. of raids. Have you ever experienced? 


Sticky pop-ups that appear out of nowhere and snatch users' IPs are the main means they use to kidnap users into their space—glitch points. They spread these traps all over the internet, trying to poke as many holes in our data usage and plunder our signals and traffic. All traps are waiting with bated breath for the moment you touch them. Clickable advertising is a trap that stimulates desire. The pop-up floats in virtual memory and sticks to it as if pouring out when it finds prey. The Algorithmic Banner is a mirror that reflects our desires. The moment you look into the mirror and try to touch it, dazzled by self-reflection desire, another you inside will grab your wrist.


* Traffic: 

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